Enfield Parents and Children Website

Enfield Parents and Children Website

Enfield Parents and Children is a charity working with families. They had an existing website which they wanted to upgrade. They were able to update their old website using Microsoft Front Page. They wanted a new website that would be easy for them to update and would allow them to add photos, events, news, training sessions and the ability to upload resources for people to access online.

As this was a family orientated website I wanted to create a design that would be warm and friendly. To meet all their requirements for being able to easily update the website I used the Drupal content management system. I created the facilty for them to add the different types of content they needed such as the events, news and training items. I also added the facilty to upload documents and make them accessible online.

Now, they have many staff members who are able to update the site in a straightforward way.

Even though Enfield Parents and Children had a limited budget for this website design project, I was still able to meet all their requirements for the project.

September 2011
Enfield Parents and Children