Marchini Architecture asked me to create a new website for them. I developed the website using the Drupal content management system. This was an interesting project as it needed to effectively display the many images they have for their architectural projects. The website, as well as being mobile friendly, was structured to improve its search engine performance, particularly relating to location. The main highlights of the project were:

CRASH, the charity that works for the homeless with the construction industry, asked me to make several updates to their site to improve the user experience. The changes were designed to make the site simpler and more intuitive to use. The changes included:

Ramsay Pharma are an international Pharmaceutical consultancy. They give advice to pharmaceutical manufacturers all over the world. Ramsay Pharma asked me to redesign their existing website to give it a modern style and clearly present the consultancy services they offered. 

I developed the website using Drupal 8 which allows the client to have full control over all of the content. This was a straight forward website to create providing information only. 

I was asked to create a E-commerce membership website for MHRA Deficiencies. This was a website which allowed members to have access to specific Pharmaceutical data. The key elements of the website project were:

St Margaret Church in Carshalton approached me to create a website for them. They wanted me to also set up the hosting and do the search engine optimisation for the website. They needed a website that would:

Tree of Silence are a company organising spiritual events. They asked me to design and build a website to publicise a weekend retreat with the Master of Silence, Gabor Harsanyi, at the London Wetland Centre from the 28th to 30th April 2017. The website design included the following features:

Carers Register is an organisation providing a register of carers and jobs for elderly care, disability care and other types of home care. The website was built using Drupal and is optimised for viewing on mobile and handheld devices as well as on normal computer screens.

The website:

The Funding Network (TFN) asked me to design a new responsive website to replace their existing website. TFN are an international charity that work to raise funds for other charities. The main requirements for the work were: 

Find my future is a service designed for students to help them find the best career for them. The website is a members website and allows students to login and access a whole range of resources including: 

This website development project was to upgrade the existing Signamic website to the latest version of Drupal and provide a fresh and contemporary design. The exisiting website was built using Drupal 6, and the new site uses Drupal 7. There was already a lot of functionality in this website which needed to be transferred over to the new site along with all of the existing content. A lot of new content was added as well.