Time2Grow Website and Online Application Management System

Time2Grow Website Design

Time2Grow was a multi-million pound EU funded programme designed to help businesses solve some of their most challenging problems by accessing a skilled graduate workforce. This project was managed by the University of Bedfordshire with support from the University of Northampton.

This project was to administer undergraduate placements at local small to medium sized businesses. Candidates were able to register online as were businesses. Administrators were then able to match candidates with businesses for work placements. 

I built the system using the Drupal content management system. The website and application system included:

  • Facility for candidates to register their details on the sytem as well as updating them when they needed to
  • Ability for businesses to register placements they had available
  • Detailed information capture for candidates and businesses
  • Automated administrative processes such as acknowledging registrations, notifying administrators of new registrations or changes of key information
  • Ability for administrators to view lists of candidates and businesses, carry out searches or filter lists based on specfic criteria
  • Different levels of permission for different types of users
  • Integration with Salesforce
  • Adherence to strict data secruity requirements

This was a highly complex project that was perfect for a Drupal system which has the flexibility to meet all of the project requirements.

April 2019
University of Bedfordshire