Alphas Online Graduate Application System

Alphas Online Website Project

This project was to develop a website application to allow small to medium sized companies based in Bedfordshire and adjacent areas to hire graduates for 400 hour placements which would be subsidised by the university. This project was funded by money from the European Union.

Companies that met the requirements were able to register and apply for grants including grants for candidate placements and other expenses. Candidates were able to register online and apply for roles that had been posted by the companies.

Different sets of data needed to be collected, and the overall aim of the system was to manage the companies and the candidates and the process of applying for uploaded vacancies. Overall the main components of the system included:

  • Ability for companies to register online and post vacancies
  • Allow graduates to register and apply for vacancies
  • Ability for administrators to manage the companies and graduates and the system as a whole
  • Have comprehensive backup systems in place
  • Strong secruity measures in place to prevent hacking and to ensure the secruity of the data

The Alpha's project was very similar to the Time2Grow project. I was able to re-use many of the already built components from Time2Grow for Alphas, saving development time and keeping the costs low. 

This was a successful project that met all the requirements and the budget. There were very few issues which were all resolved very quickly. 

March 2020
University of Bedfordshire