LEAN https://benmango.co.uk/clients/lean en Lewisham Education Arts Network (LEAN) https://benmango.co.uk/website-design/lewisham-education-arts-network-lean <span>Lewisham Education Arts Network (LEAN)</span> <div class="field field--name-field-image field--type-image field--label-hidden field--item"> <img src="https://benmango.co.uk/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/LEAN1.jpg?itok=CsGTtP9Q" width="386" height="320" alt="Lewisham Education Arts Network" title="Lewisham Education Arts Network" typeof="foaf:Image" class="img-responsive" /></div> <span><span lang="" about="https://benmango.co.uk/user/1" typeof="schema:Person" property="schema:name" datatype="" xml:lang="">ben</span></span> <span>Fri, 07/14/2017 - 13:48</span> <div class="field field--name-body field--type-text-with-summary field--label-hidden field--item"><p>This was a large website design project for Lewisham Education Arts Network (LEAN). LEAN are a non-profit organisation promoting the arts in Lewisham for young people. They wanted a website that would publicise their work, advertise events, news and meetings, facilitate networking for artists and people working in education.  LEAN also already had a membership base.  They wanted to build a website that would develop and support their membership, creating a community website, where members could add their own events and opportunities to the website.</p> <p>I built the website using the Drupal content management system.  This included:</p> <ul><li>LEAN to be able to update and add new content to the website.</li> <li>Having a membership area open only to members.</li> <li>Members to create their own content to go on the website</li> <li>The ability for the website to be moderated</li> <li>Lists of events and news items and even a calendar</li> <li>RSS feeds for new events</li> </ul><p>The original design for this website was created by <a href="http://www.popcornbox.com/">Popcorn</a>. </p></div> <div class="field field--name-field-website field--type-link field--label-hidden field--item"><a href="http://www.leanarts.org.uk/">View Website</a></div> <div class="field field--name-field-date field--type-datetime field--label-above"> <div class="field--label">Date</div> <div class="field--item">January 2010</div> </div> <div class="field field--name-field-client field--type-entity-reference field--label-above"> <div class="field--label">Client</div> <div class="field--item">LEAN</div> </div> <div class="field field--name-field-tags field--type-entity-reference field--label-above"> <div class="field--label">Tags</div> <div class="field--items"> <div class="field--item"><a href="https://benmango.co.uk/tags/drupal" hreflang="en">Drupal</a></div> <div class="field--item"><a href="https://benmango.co.uk/tags/cms" hreflang="en">CMS</a></div> </div> </div> Fri, 14 Jul 2017 12:48:22 +0000 ben 45 at https://benmango.co.uk