Advanced Spectrum is an education consultancy based in London. They asked me to create a colourful website for them which had a straightforward navigation and a simple structure.

In April/May about five of my Drupal websites were hacked, and I thought I would write a short guide based on what I did to clean and restore the sites.

Can you spot the difference between these two websites?  From a visitor's point of view they are almost exactly the same. One of the site is built using the Wordpress content management system, and the other using the Drupal content management system.

Some people are put off by the phrase “content management system” or “CMS”. These may be unfamiliar terms. However, these days, the majority of new websites are built using some kind of content management system. 

The basic feature of a content management system is that it allows staff to update the website in a simple and intuitive way without having to get involved in any of the code.  It provides a way to manage the content of the website.