Mail Merge

The Institute for Neuroacanthocytosis were in need of a contacts database. They were using Outlook to manage all their contacts and were needing a more comprehensive system to manage and track their contacts. As well as needing a list of contacts they wanted to filter contacts into different groups, execute mail merges with Word and email to groups of contacts, track donations from contacts and have the ability to run different reports on their contacts.

The Accounts department of the LSE needed the ability to administer all their contacts, in particular tracking the details for visiting lecturers. They asked me to design an easy to use database allowing them to manage all their contacts. 

The key features of the database that they needed were:

The National Mental Health Development Unit (NMHDU) asked me to design a course database for them. The database needed to hold information on all people taking specialised courses as well as details of course instructors. From the database they could find out lists of all people who had taken a specific course, details of all the courses and when they were run as well as who the instructor was.

The key features they needed for their course database were:

I project managed the creation of a contacts database for Paddington Development Trust. The database was designed to hold contact details for residents in the neighborhood. It also holds details of other types of contacts such as contractors and consultants.

The London Development Centre is now part of the NHS and works to support health and social care provision in London.

They had an existing Microsoft Access contacts database and asked me to create a new contacts and events database for them with new features. Because the database was going to be accessed from different office locations and by many staff it was decided to design the database using Microsoft SQL Server with a Microsoft Access front end.

The Fabian Society are a political membership organisation found in the 19th century. The asked me to build a new membership database for them. They needed a database that would hold details of all their members and contacts as well as holding membership information. This would include information on renewal dates, payments, bank account details and many other details. 

The key features of the database were: