Customer Relationship Management Consultancy and Development

CiviCRM Consultancy and Development

I have in-depth experience of implementing Customer Relationship Management services for clients. I help clients to implement and develop their strategy for managing the relationships and interactions they have with their clients, contacts and potential clients and donors. I enable organisations to stay connected to contacts, streamline their processes, and utlize their relationships.

I specialise in using CiviCRM for providing customer relationship management services. CiviCRM is an open source customer relationship management software designed to work with websites that are built using WordPress, Drupal or Joomla! CiviCRM is a web-based service so staff are able to login to the system from anywhere that has an Internet connection. CiviCRM is a flexible and powerful system that includes the following services (among others):

  • Contact management
  • Common fields set up by default
  • Configurable & customizable
  • Event management including payment and registration
  • Activity tracking for all contacts and organisations
  • Extensive reporting
  • Receive donations
  • Smart grouping for contacts and organisations
  • Email tracking for all contacts
  • Email marketing
  • Case management
  • Ability to allow contacts to update their own details

CiviCRM is built for use with charities in mind, but works for many other organisation types, including commercial organisations. You can read more about what CiviCRM can do on the CiviCRM website.

If you have a development need to implement a customer relationship management solution or need help with your existing CRM system please call me on 07773 076452, or email me at