This website development project was to upgrade the existing Signamic website to the latest version of Drupal and provide a fresh and contemporary design. The exisiting website was built using Drupal 6, and the new site uses Drupal 7. There was already a lot of functionality in this website which needed to be transferred over to the new site along with all of the existing content. A lot of new content was added as well.

Signamic asked me to create a new student website for them. This was a virtual learning environment (VLE) where students (and teachers) could log in and access all the information relating to their course. This project was a web education application. One of their key requirements was that it should be easy for teachers with little computer experience to use.

The main features of the website would be:

Signamic is a company that provides workshops and training courses in signing.

The brief was to create a new clear and modern website for Signamic. They needed to be able to edit content throughout the site, adding and editing pages, with online payments for courses, and online application forms. This is the first stage of the project. The second stage will be to allow students to log in to access course materials, timetables and forums.