CRASH, the charity that works for the homeless with the construction industry, asked me to make several updates to their site to improve the user experience. The changes were designed to make the site simpler and more intuitive to use. The changes included:

This was a straight-forward update to CRASH's website to make the whole site mobile friendly. The mobile optimisation of the site did not take long and now any visitors viewing their site from a mobile or handheld device are presented with easily readable content and a simple touch friendly navigation system. 

A database design project to build a bespoke donations database using Microsoft Access for CRASH. Crash are a charity working for the homeless with the construction industry. They wanted a bespoke database that would hold information on all the donations they received, both from individuals and companies.

Key elements of the database included:

CRASH are a homeless charity that works with the construction industry to provide homes and other services for homeless people. They had an existing website which was well designed, but they did not have access to it themselves to be able to update it. All the updates had to go through a third party. They asked me to rebuild the website so that they would be able to easily update all the content themselves. The work I did included: